Saturday, 28 February 2015

What is an Escort Service anyway?

The purpose of an escort service is straightforward. To provide charming and delicious companions for their clients. The more an escort service understands the requirements and taste of the clients, the more effective it will be at providing a really good match between the client and the escort. Which keeps everyone happy!

In reality the terms escort service and escort agency are pretty much synonymous.  But whatever term you use, neither of them is there directly and exclusively to provide women solely for sex. So it is a major (if common) mistake to think that an escort service is in the same market as brothels.
An escort service supplies companionship and charges for the time that people spend together. The escorts are always self employed and free to set their own rates and decide what work they will and won’t do. Does sex occur between escorts and their clients? Of course! But that is between consenting adults and not directly the paid-for service provided by the escort service.

As an Ibiza escort service, lots of the bookings that we deal with are literally to supply beautiful, interesting and intelligent escorts girls who can brighten up an otherwise dull party! Does sex occur between escort service escorts and their clients? Of course. It is a mistake, though to think that every booking by an Ibiza escort service is 100% about sex.
Much of the business for an escort service in Ibiza is about providing “social grease”! Beautiful women at a party change the atmosphere and make the host look good to his peers. Having one of the most amazing and sexy women in Ibiza on a man’s arm marks a man out to his friends, colleagues and clients.  

So the job of an escort service is to understand what the client really wants. And from that to make sure that wherever they escort Ibiza clients, an escort supplied by the escort service makes the client feel and look good!
That often means that the escort service has to be part mind-reader, part social diva. It’s obvious that the requirements for a business dinner at a fine restaurant will be different to a three-day bacchanalian debauch at a villa party!  
But a great Ibiza escort service can also interpret what the client hasn't said out loud and make sure that whoever they send to escort Ibiza clients will have the right mix of beauty, personality and intelligence to be appropriate for whatever the client has in mind. And yes, the right taste and sense in sex as the client. Let’s face it, if anything does happen, it’s nice if people are compatible!

In working with an Ibiza escort service, it makes sense for you to be sure that the escort service staff are on the same wavelength as the client. If they aren't, and don’t understand them, how can they possibly advise on who will be the best girl to escort Ibiza clients on this occasion?
Some clients are looking for escort girls who are real party animals. Others just want the most beautiful and sexy looking escort girls possible. Yet other clients in Ibiza are looking for a courtesan experience, where the lady they are with is able to talk on any level about any topic under the sun; while making the client feel like the most important man in the world - which they are of course!
The most common requirement for a girl to escort Ibiza clients is for a real girlfriend experience (GFE), where it feels like a date; but with more fun, less tension and with a far more stunningly sexy companion than most men would normally achieve! And most importantly, without the emotional baggage that can accompany a date with a “civilian”.

When you are contacting an escort service with an enquiry, give the escort service as much information as possible about what you want and don’t want. Don’t be shy, it’s very unlikely that you can shock anyone working at a well establish Ibiza escort service. In fact, they might even be impressed if you can!
The more you tell the Ibiza escort service about what your requirements and tastes really are, the easier it will be the escort agency to deliver exactly what you want.

The difference between a good escort service and a bad escort service is actually as simple as whether you have a sense that they are actually interested in what you want. Or are they just trying to keep their escort girls busy, irrespective of whether they are right for you or not? Chemistry is not just as simple as a great looking set of photos. And a good escort service in Ibiza will have lots of amazing looking escort girls available for you.