Monday, 28 December 2015

Some Women Like Sex

Some women love having sex. Some women like sex more than the average man likes sex. Some women like to have sex every day, often more than once. And some women think that getting paid to get laid is absdolutely fantastic.

It seems that this may come as news to some people - both men and also women in the "feminist" movement, who view all working girls as victims. Hell, some laws (Alaska for example) regard all prostitutes as trafficked, leading to the bizarre situation that a woman was found guilty of human trafficking herself!

I´m not suggesting that this is true of all working girls. For many of my escorts in Ibiza and also girls I know who are escorts in Marbella and London escorts, the work is just that; work. But for some it´s a great chance to turn their hobby into a profession.

And They Get Paid For It...
I was talking to a couple of my friends recently, Jessica and Immy. And they had me laughing so  much it became quite unladylike. A snotty nose is never a good look!

Immy was saying that despite being a very busy mature London escort she actually has less sex now than she did as an amateur. It was perfectly normal for her to have two or three every day and to use them up completely. A good Saturday night was known to involve pulling one guy, taking him home, shagging him to a standstill and then swapping him for a new one. And possibly for a third if she got an early start! She doesn't have self esteem issues, she wasn't abused as a kid. She just loves sex and having orgasms.

A Quiet Saturday Night For Some Girls
Jessica spent an hour describing her history of sexual adventures that were varied and extreme enough to have me reaching for the urban dictionary. Imagine exactly what shocks the person running the best escort agency in Ibiza! And Jessica wasn't forced into it, she just loves testing her sexual boundaries and indulging her wildest sexual fantasies and those of her (many) partners. Jessica loves the wildest sexual activities. And she also loves to wind me up by complaining that I don´t find her enough truly filthy and depraved clients. You just cant please some people!

Both these women love men. They love sex. they love having sex with men. And sometimes women. And combinations and multiples of the two. And their ideal situation is making a lot of money for doing what they would be doing anyway.

And I´m happy to help.

Ally x

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