Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I don't know how you spent your holiday season, but alongside the eating, drinking and partying (which I promise NEVER to fully tell you about!) I spent a lot of time binge watching some of the TV shows that I rarely get chance to appreciate. Running the best escort agency in Ibiza doesn't leave a lot of time for relaxing, not matter how good and professional my Ibiza escorts may be.

So what took my fancy then? Some old favourites and some great new stuff. Obviously if I ever have a spare half hour I have a laugh at Billy Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. But that's not really binge-watching material.

My favourite re-watch? Breaking Bad. Oh. My. God. So good! The story of an ordinary but highly
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intelligent person finding themselves running an illegal empire. Hmmm...I know it´s improbable but I love the idea somehow. I know my friends working in the slightly different legal framework with London escorts find it inspirational!

Obviously I had to try out Better Call Saul, which is effectively a prequel to Breaking Bad. It is, unsurprisingly, absolutely excellent. The heartbreak that makes Jimmy become Saul is indescribable (especially without spoilers!) and Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut is actually more terrifying in this than in Breaking Bad. Probably because you can see him becoming the character you know. And, incidentally, my old friends absolutely want a Mike to look after their Marbella escorts! Actually, I have been told that my other friends there, the new kids on the block with their escort agency in Marbella, actually have their own Mike. Maybe they can share? Unfortunately the only people I know with their own Saul are my friends who work with mature London escorts. And the skills don't really transfer to me in Spain...

I said goodbye to one of the weirder TV experiences ever; Hannibal. It looks amazing, the performances are gothically wonderful, but the whole thing is, to be honest, bat-shit bonkers. But I love it for all that! And Mads Mikkelsen, Gillian Anderson and looked good enough to eat. If you'll pardon the expression.

New stuff? Well, first on the list as The Man In The High Castle which is an alternative-future series based on the question in the Philip K Dick book of the same name; "what if the Nazis and Japanese had won WWII and invaded America? Wow. The first couple of episodes were slightly challenging to watch as the suspension of disbelief was so huge. But as it progressed it really got into its stride and by the end you were caught in a bizarre dilemma of cheering on one set of totally evil protagonists (antagonists?) against another group of evil men. And, it must be said that the Nazis really could do style...the 1960s version of 1930s German design was amazing. But is was produced by Ridley Scott, so style comes as standard I guess. I would have loved to see what London would have been like in their universe, but maybe next season as it has been picked up for one.

Last but far from least, Narcos, a new series from Netflix. Its basically a dramatization of the book "Killing Pablo" with real names and the actors doing their very best to look like the real people. I really enjoy the fact that it is in Spanish throughout, except when the Americans are speaking. Though my goodness the Colombian it is a different Spanish to what we speak in my Ibiza escort agency! And my friends who work with Marbella escorts say that they barely recognise it at times either, despite representing far more South American escorts than I do.

Anyway, if it sounds like I did nothing but watch TV, you´d be wrong. I drank wine too. Now back to the salt mines...

Ally x