Sunday, 7 February 2016

What am I looking for?

I am always asked what I look for when I am recruiting girls to join my escort agency. And, while I have a very definite view on that I haven't really codified it. So here goes...

My girls who escort Ibiza clients arrive from all over the world. Every week I get calls, emails and WhatsApps from escort girls who want to show that they are the kind of girl who escorts Ibiza clients for a high-class Ibiza escort agency such as mine.

I have Ibiza escorts from Britain. Ibiza escort girls from Scandinavia. I have girls from Russia who escort Ibiza clients. We have women from Eastern Europe escort Ibiza visitors. I have one sexy girl from Ireland who escorts Ibiza gentlemen. Of course, there are lots of Ibiza escorts from Brazil who work with us.

Enthusiasm is always good
Recently I have been contacted by lots of Russian girls who want to escort Ibiza visitors for me. Many of them are lovely and speak great English. Which all of our Ibiza escorts must.

When I am deciding whether I want to represent a sexy escort girl or not, there are a few things I am looking for. Here´s a short list:

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