Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Challenge Your Preconceptions

It is interesting talking with people who are visiting places for the first time, especially when they are new to somewhere as well known as Ibiza. The fact that Ibiza is so well known and has such a place in peoples consciousness means that a visit to the White Island always comes with expectations and preconceptions. Whether Ibiza is famous or infamous depends, to a large extent, on what you have heard and what your preconceived ideas of the place actually are. One thing I have gathered very strongly over the past couple of weeks is that everyone finds at some point during their time on the island that their assumptions and prior beliefs about the place itself and the people here were wrong.

escort ibiza sexy on yacht white dress
Not an escort. But gorgeous.
I am told that the same applies when people visit Marbella and the Costa del Sol as well. In both places, what people expect to find is normally there. Often in greater abundance and scale than they had expected! But there is also so much more that they had never imagined and a lot that forces them to reconsider their assumptions and beliefs.

With most people, when you mention Ibiza their thoughts instantly and understandably run to the superclubs such as Space, Amnesia, Privilege and Pacha. Or to the smaller or nichey clubs including DC10, Sankeys and Swag. Or they imagine the outer circle of hell that is San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany) on any night during the summer months. (I have heard San Antonio colourfully described as Puerto Banus without the money).

In the same light, mention Marbella and people either picture golf courses, or luxury shops, yachts and offensive bling laden wannabes. Or imagine that the whole town is filled with gangsters preparing for gun fight. OK, it is but you would not generally recognise them if you did not already know!

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All of this is most obvious when I am working with escorts in Ibiza, and I guess also for my friends working with Marbella escorts. Being human beings just like anyone else, professional escorts are as filled with expectations and assumptions as anyone. And most of them are, as with everyone else, either wrong or only partly true.

For example, if Ibiza is all about clubs, and clubwear means tight dresses and skyscraper heels, then that is how the most successful Ibiza escort must dress? No. Ibiza is hipp chic. Try shorts a peasant blouse and Adidas Stan Smiths. It is like in Marbella. Everyone thinks that being the mos tmarketable Marbella escort is all about bringing the bling and looking good and glamorous in the bars. It is more about being able to stay interesting and interested when someone has been talking gibberish to you for thirty six hours straight!

Like all cliches, there is more than a grain of truth in those for both places. But it neglects the rest of the story, as it inevitably must. So I am going to do a few blog posts about what else goes on, the things that surprise, delight or plain shock the shit out of people. Hopefully it might even have the same effect on you. A challenge to the assumptions is always good.