Wednesday, 16 November 2016


You would be amazed at the number of the women that you now see in blogs, tabloid newspapers and the gossip magazines have oftentimes had previous work as escorts, or still definitely work (quite discretely) as putas, though normally at the very high end of the Ibiza sex sector. Most certainly I know for sure that of the absolute best high class escorts Ibiza has to furnish at the current time is also the fiancee of a very popular footballer. And a couple of the best escorts London has ever seen are mixed up with a successful musician and a business leader.

So what number of people are associated in the buying and selling of sexuality? The real answer might possibly shock you and your view of the whole world in far-reaching methods.

As far as I have seen, there are truly no numbers on the level of men and girls associated with the acquisition and sale of semi-professional prostitutes. The style of reciprocation where fellas come to see young ladies that would normally be out of their tier in terms of beauty, but where wealth and tokens bridge the gap. In the unfading words of Caroline Aherne as Mrs Merton to Debbie McGee "What first attracted you to the multi millionaire Paul Daniels?"

There is an increasing sector of study into the subject matter of "erotic capital" and the manner in which ladies do (in the present tense), have (for all of human past) and will remain to (provided that males want straightforward access to sexuality and agree to swap value in payment for it) trade their appearance, recognition and erotic benefits for material gain. That may be by means of influence, gifts or the unequivocal interchange of cash money. But as long as ladies have an element that people can not get enough of, they are going to be approached with incentive for it.

There are continually a variety of undependable and changing statistics tossed around with respect to the number of males who shell out money for the sexual favours of women. And about the number of girls who are explicitly professional prostitutes (escorts, whores, hookers, call girls, courtesans, paid for companions, putas, whatever tag you would like to use; that is merely semantics.) In most nations they are hugely inaccurate and based upon hysterically tiny samples, or emerge from prejudiced origins with an ax to grind or a fund-raising begging dish to clatter.

Curiously, they are often sneered at by ladies who work as Ibiza escorts or the like. In the view of those women they are just hypocrites, especially as the "professional girlfriend" is often massively hypocritical about precisely what they are engaging in and scathing about freely pro sex workers.

Anywhere you are, there are normally loads of gorgeous and seductive young ladies who more than happy to spend time, and fuck with, males that they do not really find mentally or physically thrilling, but whose cash makes them stimulating. They are maintained with splendid presents; shoes, high-end purses and travel luggage, great selections of designer label clothes, top of the line cars, expensive amazing trips and vacations, high-quality restaurants and VIP at all the clubs. In essence, these are without a doubt the girlfriends who would not ever think about themselves as hookers. Nevertheless they have little or no other income than that provided by their "beaus". In essence, they shag for dinners.

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