Friday, 16 December 2016


Ibiza is less poorly designed than places such as Marbella, where during the summer time the A7 ends up being a large parking lot from Estepona back to Elviria, and from Fuengirola to Benalmadena. Puerto Banus transforms into a slow advancing traffic jam the likes of that London did not have prior to the congestions charge. For those who do not know, Puerto Banus is pratically planned around four round abouts. That is lovely in the winter months, and I guarantee looks fantastically well-formed from above. But in the height of summer time it means that once one roundabout is full (commonly the roundabout with the magnificent rhino on it that connects and from the A7) then cars heading to it can not shift, which fills the ensuing one, and the next one and the ensuing one. Just imagine a model car track with one car obstructing both lanes. Now keep adding in car or trucks and see what materializes!

Obviously, the men with the finest style are not just looking for some whoopee, they are trying to find the sexiest escort Ibiza can deliver, or they prefer to spend time with the classiest escort Ibiza can furnish by the hour. And the escort firms are a lot more than pleased to guide. But be prepared; they are equally as hectic and rushed off their feet (pun intended !) as anybody else in the pleasure niche so do not fritter away their time with ambiguous inquiries or window shopping and collecting pictures of sexily attired sex goddesses. In Spring or November you will receive a pleasant and extended reaction. In mid August, quite possibly less so!

All of that means that the nice hookers in Ibiza are kept tremendously active, it goes without saying at least half of the numerous visitors will be dudes, and a lot of them will require more sex from the numerous whores who flock into Ibiza for the summer season too.

And almost every piece of lodging is rented from mid July to the end of August. You could most probably get few hundred euros for a month on a park seat; and in Ibiza I am sure someone has had a go at as it is quite frequent for people to shell out money for accommodation that quite possibly does not exist or has somebody already dwelling in it.

The summertime busy season does not hit gradually over time in Ibiza. One day there are vacant sunbeds, hotel rooms and villas. The roads are pleasantly very busy and the shops and eating places are very busy but not insufferable. The following day, bedlam arrives.

This is not true of Ibiza, except for the exit from the E10 exit near Pacha that leads to the port. That is most likely because Ibiza has grown more organically rather than struggling with being designed on a notepad. However, at peak occasions (that are not what you would presume!) the E10 from Santa Eulalia is thoroughly full of vehicles heading into Ibiza. The streets from San Antonio and San Josep less so, but still swamped. But everywhere else; wow! It is practical to walk from one end of the sand at Talamanca to the other without even touching sand, just treading from one olive-brown thin beach torso to another.

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