Friday, 23 December 2016


"Sex will sell" they announce. "You can continually sell fornication" they claim. "Guy will definitely shell out money for sexual practiceS" purportedly. Or my own treasured from Banshee, the absolute best TV show that almost no-one views, "FellaS will shell out money for tits until they are dead broke or dead".

For now let us ignore the fact that if you do set up someplace like Madrid or Barcelona you will be competing with world-class escort firms like 2nd Circle Madrid. And that they will probably be able to attract far more attractive and alluring women than you can. Because sex never fail to will sell, so all you need is some women who can fog a mirror, right? And let us ignore the fact that they have professional drivers, credit card facilities, people who refer them business, repeat clients. Male will continually buy fornication, so all you need is to offer it to them. Right?

Hmm ... purportedly it isn't actually quite that easy.

So you get some cards made up. Being smart you probably use a local designer and printer because that will be cheaper than using someone like Vistaprint. So you pay a couple of hundred to the designer and the same to get them printed, instead of fifty through the web. But they do look nice. So all you have to do now is put them in all the bars. But people will not let you. Or hand them out to people. But you do not have the nerve or the touts for bars and clubs in the good locations chase you off.

You do not know how to build an internet site? Never mind, I am sure you cousin Kevin can do it. He is good with that Facebook and YouTube stuff. Oh, it is a bit more complicated than that? I am sure there are lots of nice people out there happy to take your money to build you a nice internet site. Ignore the fact that they have never built one for the adult industry, a website is just a web page. How tough can it be?

The next move is for you to place an advert in the local paper, because you can in Spain. Now the phone will ring off the hook! Except that because easily selling sex is legal in Spain, and because sexuality always easily sells, there are fourteen pages of classified advertisements just like yours, with women will sell blowjobs for twenty euros.

So you put them in car windows, only to find that there are half a dozen cards already there and that yours are removed after fifteen minutes by the next person to come along.

And so it has to be very simple managing an escort firm then. In particular if you're operating in somewhere like Madrid or Barcelona in Spain, when shopping for and selling sexual practice is entirely lawful (The Spanish simply have no regulations pertaining to it one way or the other ). If sex in Barcelona continually sells, and adult males will never fail to purchase sexual practice, how challenging can it be to earn massive quantities of cash with not much effort? All you must do is get a couple of women to get the job done for you, do a bit of product promotion, maybe establish an internet site, and that is it. You can then sit back, choose your mirror finish hustler Range Rover with the leopard print leather seats and start jamming money in your safe-deposit box?

By the way, putting those photos of Beyonce and Billie Piper on your new web page because you have no actual hotties? Not your best move. Enjoy the bill for that one.

But it is fine. Fornication always easily sells. Guy will purchase tits until they are broke or dead. Go you ... good luck.

But then you will be on Google and the phone will just ring off the hook with hookers asking to join you and dudes desperate to pay cash for a quick shag ... ah, you can not find your site? It is probably on page 69 (which is ironic) because it is a new site with no backlinks to it (what are backlinks? Oops!).

And on the off chance that you do actually get a call from someone who happens to find something you have done someplace, you do not have any working females anyway.

Well, yes. But how do you offer it to them? The internet! That is the way to do it, obviously. Everyone knows that the world wide web is basically operated by cats to offer men the chance to get their rocks off. So get an online site done (by cats) and off you go.

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