Friday, 24 March 2017


As with most markets, there are actually a very broad sweep of various specific niche markets found in the overall London prositute industry. From the extremely niche fetish and BDSM markets to the MILF and mature hooker segment, there are niches for practically almost everyone; tattoos, huge knockers, piercings and sex-related activities like anal sex (A levels), taking two dicks (DP), or teaming up with sets of fellas (gang bangs, bukkake, Moresomes) allow call girls to specialize and perform a more limited furrow.

After that, needless to say there really are geographical factors in a metropolis as huge as London. An escort based in Canary Wharf may easily have a rather successful business, particularly with the investment or retail banks operating there, but she is not going to do a lot of traffic with the Knightsbridge hotels. It just takes too much time to get there. Equally, a babe located in zone 5 of the tube or out in the suburban areas such as Ilford is not reallying going to be able to draw a ton of jobs from individuals located in The City (unless they are phenomenally talented or specialist!).

A London escort who wishes to produce a good income needs to appreciate the truths of the business, the clients and their rivals. The very same is true for the London escort firms that they deal with. In precisely the very same approach as a retail store, hotelier, pub, bistro, club, or most other firm works; an escort agency or skillful courtesan will need to bear in mind their competitive environment.

And so earning income as a escort in London is essentially the same as creating a rewarding business enterprise in any other marketplace. Recognize your strong points and weaknesses. Contemplate what you intend to produce. research your competition. Look into what your patrons really want. And after that publicize the bejesus out of your business concern.

After that there are the price tag ranges. The main market place used to be for lovely ladies offering bookings at the two hundred and fifty to 300 pounds a session span. These days, the market place is overwhelmed with young women who are stunning, slim and ready to supply practically any act for an opening sales price of a hundred pounds an hour. These ladies are mostly from eastern Europe and unquestionably a few will definitely have undergone a level of people slavery. But the majority have just elected to work in the United Kingdom to acquire as much cash as practical while being willing to reside in the lowest cost practical communal lodging.

At the upper side of the market, high class Mayfair escorts are basically unaffected by all the competition at the low and medium ends of the marketplace. Intelligent, beautiful and sophisticated women, especially American and British young ladies, will continually be needed by males who will not purchase anything at all that is inexpensive; in reality who regard sales price as a barometer of top quality. And long may that remain !

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