Tuesday, 17 October 2017


After the presumption that running an escort company or brothel is illegal, the greatest incorrect assumption regarding Marbella escort agencies is that everyone associated with running them is some sort of gangster. And that they use the agencies as a front for all type of unlawful as well as nefarious activities. That was the one that had actually given Robert as well as his business companion Davina the biggest frustrations. It was the one that indicated that if they did not intend to be treated like a fly having its wings pulled off, they needed cover stories for individuals they encountered socially for the very first time. Which actually served as a good operational tactic anyway as well as Robert was familiar with from among his previous careers.

The horrible pigs that compel ladies into being trafficked have the tendency to run whorehouses and also to maintain a reduced profile. You do not desire cops or civil servants turning up as clients into your place and then speaking with women who after that inform them the terrible fact regarding their existence and also how they happened in the nation. Bear in mind, while an English police officer might get in difficulty for checking out a whorehouse as a client, for a Spanish cop it is no problem at all and also completely legal. So rather than operating big brothels and clubs, criminal scum involved in human trafficking tend to keep it quiet. They do business with their sexy Marbella escorts from private apartments, or more commonly from rented villas in nice secluded residential areas. They obviously prefer large villas with lots of bedrooms and nice high walls with electronically operated gates. Curiously, they tend to be pretty good neighbours. They do not want the Polcia turning up because a pissed off neighbour didnt like the loud music at 3 in the morning.

If you are a people trafficker running an escort agency, on the other hand, it is a but of a nightmare. You should transport each of your prisoners to their appointments with a bodyguard or driver, who after that should take them to the client´s room or apartment and who has to wait outside so the woman can not escape. After that you have to take them back to their base or to the next paying client. That is all really expensive and reduces your profit margins a lot, even with the rates high-class Marbella escorts can achieve. The other alternative, certainly, is to effectively blackmail them that if they do not come back their families back at home, then their families and loved ones will be made to suffer and might even be killed. Obviously that kind of tactic is effective, but like all threats it wears off over time, especially as the horrible reality of being a prisoner grows.

The fact of the escort business is instead very different to what people typically anticipate. Not that there are not mobsters in the business of prostitution. There were and are and will continue to be. But they do not often get involved in the escort services. It simply does not fit conveniently with their service plans. Honestly, working with the most appealing companion Marbella has to offer is a major discomfort if you are a mobster. Let us imagine that you are nasty douchebag and that you want to traffic girls unlawfully for the sex company. If you have a brothel, it is not a tough task to basically transform it into a jail camp. But as we have already discussed, escorts visiting clients for out calls is a totally different matter.

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