Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Humping For Harry Winston

Pretty much every security team dealing with high powered male clients is used to dealing with some variation on a theme of party girls. There is a lot of testosterone flying around along with the power and the bands of people at your beck and call. So having beck and call girls is obviously going to happen. Sometimes they are just party girls happy to hang out with a famous person just for the likes on Instagram. Other times it is professional girlfriends. Higher class versions of the girls that you find in bars and clubs who are happy to bang some guys brains out for entry into the VIP room or a meal at the best restaurant. Basically, amateurs who fuck for food. The there are the seriously professional girlfriends who are a bit more exclusive and do exactly the same but they are banging for Bulgari or humping for Harry Winston. And last but not least there are the escorts who arrive (normally in packs to make the party really swing) from discreet escort agencies. Normally accompanied by a nightclub bouncer moonlighting as their driver. And security professionals always have protocols for dealing with horny or party animal clients who want to visit night clubs, strip clubs, brothels or places that are a mixture of the three.

What they, apparently, do not have much experience dealing with is someone like Rachel, who is as smart as their boss, as in control as their boss (actually, who is in control of their boss in many cases) and is charging upwards of twenty thousand dollars for the day. She may be, in the broadest sense of the phrase, a sex worker. But she has as much in common with a standard escort or party girl as a battered Ford pick up truck does with a Bugatti Veyron. They both fit under the same broad heading of motor vehicles, and they will both get you there, but they are a totally different experience.

As most of Mistress Rachel´s clients were regulars who had been seeing her for a long time, their security knew the score and accepted my presence without any issue. If I was with Rebecca, then everything was cool. And besides, it was always fairly obvious that when it came down to it, the ford pick up up and Bugatti analogy extended to me and them as well. So we did not really have any issues. Except the one time when a client´s threat level had increased and he had broguth ina new team. Who had not been briefed about Rachel. That was fun.