Monday, 29 January 2018

I Am A Sexual Athlete

I think of myself as an athlete. Like a footballer or a tennis player. And I should know because I have had enough sex with enough of both of them to know that I am well able to keep up both tennis players and footballers in terms of strength, stamina and flexibility. I have also had sex with my fair share of other athletes. Lots of golfers and rugby players. Quite a few American footballers, baseball players and a good number of NBA basketball players. Beach volleyball players always look good but they do not have a lot of cash. Professional bodybuilders? I have my share but I am not a fan. I have not screwed enough skiers in my personal opinion, as their endurance is amazing and the strength in their quads, hamstrings and glutes makes for an exciting ride.

OK, I am either a total slut with a penchant for professional athletes, or an international escort who Las Palmas Beauties who are very professional and have good contacts with both the athletes and all of the general public as well.
fit escort girl in short shorts sticking out her butt
works with escort agencies where lots of athletes hang out. Well, that did not take a lot of working out did it? Yes, I travel a lot around the world, though I have to be honest I tend to meet my American athletes outside the United States. I do not fancy getting busted or appearing in the expose blog sites. The reason I have not had enough skiers is that I tend to spend most of the winter in the Canary Islands, which is where a ,lot of athletes do their warm weather and altitude training. When I am there I tend to work with

The reason I think of myself as an athlete is very simple – I spend hours every day working on my fitness and perfecting my physique. Like an athlete, every extra kilo that I am carrying affects both my performance and my marketability. I have to look good, obviously, but I also need a lot of stamina. My job can mean that I am working for up to a couple of days non stop. And in some cases I can be involved in the kind of activity that raises the heart rate considerably for several hours at a time. So it is not just about aesthetics – though that obviously matters a lot – but it is also about being able to function long after lesser athletes have quit and gone home.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

My Name Is Karolina & I Am A Prostitute

My name is Karolina and I am a prostitute. Some people find that term offensive, but I can think of far worse. I really do not care whether you call me whore, slut, tart, hooker, escort, courtesan, call girl, working girl, sex worker. I do not mind what you call me as long as you call me with a booking. I have been a prostitute for three years so far and I have only had one bad experience with a client. And that was not with a guy threatening me or any of the things that I had read about. It was actually
escort girl in white mans short mans hand helping with buttons
with the female half of a couple. They had booked me for two hours with them, and the woman got jealous after an hour and decided to start shouting and getting aggressive with me. Not her husband who made the booking, me, who was just there to make some money and give them some fun and – supposedly – fulfil a fantasy of theirs. I guess reality can be a little different to what you expect in your fantasies.

I know some of my friends in the business have had problems with male clients, but that has normally been with the low end of the market, where there are more issues and everyone is a lot less selective and caring about who does what, to whom, and where. I take care to always work with an escort 2ndCircle. They have been very good with me and they take a lot of care to work out who might be trouble – too much drinks or drugs have been consumed already or is disrespectful about the escort girls while talking to the receptionists on WhatsApp or the phone, or any of the other little clues that tell them that a booking could be a problem.
agency. In Malaga, as an example I work with

The other thing they are very good at working out is whether a potential client is likely to be a time waster. That is very important in my business, where time is literally money. So someone who makes a booking for an incall and then does not show up is expensive. Not only do I not make any money from them, I might have also turned down other bookings to see them. Even worse are the ones who give you a false address or are not there when you arrive, or refuse to answer the door for whatever reason. So working with a good escort agency is important to keep me safe and to stop me wasting time and losing money.