Saturday, 9 June 2018

Grow Up & Get Over It

Grow up get over it. Today I am going to rant. And I am going to enjoy it. I do not do it very often, so I intend to make the most of it and pile it on. And you get to listen. So enjoy! I have just had enough. Sort your own shit. Do you know what? Guess what we all have shit to deal with. Not just you. I have my own crap to wade through, and I suspect that my crap is larger, more smelly and harder to cope with than yours. But you clearly will not give a toss about that because you are a narcissistic psychopathic turd with a persecution complex and paranoia.

Now I hope for your sake that your shit while really painful or inconvenient isn't major shit. I hope that you are dealing with things like parking tickets banking errors rather than major stuff like illness, legal cases or death. If you are I am really sorry. The rest of the stuff we all have to deal with is just noise. I have learned to take a stoic attitude to telling escort girls that they can not work with the sexiest Madrid escorts because they are not legal to work in Europe, or honestly just not attractive enough or classy enough. I am used to angry boyfriends who did not know that they were dating prostitutes. I have grown accustomed to competitors issuing threats when we overtake them or out perform them. That is the sort of stuff that I regard as just another day in the office. And then I have big and serious stuff that I have to deal with.

But you do not give any kind of toss about what anyone else has going on. Indeed, you are so up yourself that you do not realise that anyone else has any stuff. Because other people are only there to help you get what you want or to be an obstruction. Otherwise they are wallpaper. Can you imagine how much fun that makes you to be around? Of course you cant. And you don't care that you cant because you don't know that you cant. Being a dick is like being a moron or having Alzheimers. If you are a dick, stupid, or senile you do not know it so it just affects the people around you.

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